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Secure Shredding Services in Modesto Area

Modesto, Turlock, Merced, California

We provide a wide range of onsite mobile shredding services to the Modesto and surrounding area.


  • Mobile Onsite Document Destruction

  • Offsite Paper & Document Shredding
  • One-time shredding jobs

  • Regularly scheduled shredding service 

  • 100% Customers Satisfaction

Top Rated Shredding Company In California

Easy as 1, 2 , 3

1. Schedule

Schedule your document shredding service for a time and day that is convenient for YOU!  


Often we are able to provide same-day or next-day shredding as long as it fits in the route! 


Our professional and courteous driver arrives in the appointed time frame with a state-of-the-art Mobile Shredding Truck.

2. Shredding

Let the Shredding Process begin!

  • All contents of your boxes, bags, and other containers are loaded into our secure shredding bins.

  • Our truck lifts the bin and dumps it into the paper shredding chamber in the truck.


  • We do all the lifting! Our mobile shredding specialist ensures the process is done securely with no contact to the documents.

3. Security 

The entire process of Shredding your documents is monitored through 2 separate security cameras. Our document shredding specialist gives you a signed certificate of destruction indicating that the Document Destruction was completed.

Mobile On-site Document Shredding

Throughout the document shredding process we maintain strict adherence to privacy protection regulations and we help to minimize your liabilities by ensuring your compliance with the following regulations:

  • GLB - Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act

  • FACTA - Fair and Accurate Credit Transactions Act

  • HIPAA - Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act

  • SOX - The Sarbanes-Oxley Act 

Shred Truck outside.jpg

Our mobile shredding services ensures that your private information is completely destroyed and that your confidential documents don’t "fall" into the wrong hands.


Our superior equipment helps to make each job go as quickly as possible and minimizes disruptions to your business.  After we shred it, our shredded material is mixed with hundreds of other boxes of material.  It is then baled, recycled, and sent to a paper mill where it is turned into clean paper.

Shred Collection Containers


We offer a variety of locked console and bin styles to Discount Shred customers to enable the secure storage of sensitive materials.  These containers can be strategically placed around your business

Once your containers are filled we’ll empty the contents into our mobile shredding truck for secure destruction.  You can witness the whole process from start to finish.  Upon completion we provide you with a Certificate of Destruction as proof of your corporate due diligence.

Regularly Scheduled Document Shredding Service

Discount Shred will pick up materials at your place of business and shred them on-site while you watch via a closed circuit monitor.  This can be done at regularly scheduled intervals (weekly, bi-weekly, monthly) or tailored to meet your specific requirements.

Certificate of Destruction.jpg

Discount Shred provides certification that sensitive information has been professionally destroyed.  A certificate of destruction is immediately give to you upon completion of the job.

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Drop-off Shredding Service

If you would like to bring your paper or hard drives to us to shred we are happy to shred it right in front of you for no additional charge.

Please note: Drop off Shredding is 


Discount Shred

8253 N Marion Ave

Clovis, Ca 936319

We also have several locations throughout central California from Tulare to Sacramento where you are welcome to meet the truck and get your papers shredded while you watch!

Purge Jobs

Bulk Document Shredding.jpg
  • Quarterly, Annually, or One time shredding jobs to clean out-dated paperwork

  • Get rid of old files and business records

  • Shred old financial documents and personnel records

  • Clear out the storage and make room for the new year

Give us a call!  We value our customers and will EARN your business.  We are committed to be your premiere choice of Secure Paper Shredding Companies

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