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Shred your confidential papers with Discount Shred.

We are your local professional, on-site paper shredding service.

Our simple process makes it fast and easy to get your documents shredded. 


Here is a walkthrough of what you can expect when you shred your papers with us!

Step by Step Walkthrough of your Mobile Paper Shredding Service

(Applies to both residential and business customers)

  • Schedule your document shredding service for a time and day that is convenient for YOU!  Often we are able to provide same day or next day shredding as long as it fits in the route!

  • Our professional and courteous driver arrives in the appointed time frame with a state-of-the-art Mobile Shredding Truck.

Shred Truck Outside 2.jpg
  • All contents of your boxes, bags, and other containers is loaded into our secure shredding bins.

  • The bins are then wheeled to the mobile shredder and our truck lifts the bin and dumps it into the paper shredding chamber in the truck.  

Operating Shred Truck6.jpg
Shredder Knives Shredding.jpg
  • All work is done at ground level. There is no need to manually lift materials into the vehicle, and our mobile shredding specialist ensures the process is done securely with no contact to the documents.

Security Camera.png
  • The entire process of Shredding your documents is monitored through 2 separate security cameras.

  • Our document shredding specialist gives you a signed certificate of destruction indicating that the Document Destruction was completed.

Locations Serviced

Headquartered in Central California in the Fresno Area we Proudly provide Secure Onsite Document Destruction to California Businesses and Residents!

While we do serve customers from Sacramento to Bakersfield and From San Luis Obispo to San Jose, we generally provide regular secure mobile paper shredding services to the following areas:

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California Service Areas

Give us a call. We value our customers and will EARN your business. 

We are committed to be your premiere choice of Secure Paper Shredding Companies

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